Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Scarecrow Pt. 4

While i'm putting the finishing touches on my scarecrow puppet... Here is a recent picture
the head is fleeced black to cover the yellow of the foam i used (see hands). Since i'm covering the head with a burlap material, i chose a black fleece... andanother note; those are not the eyes i will be using... i'm thinking them as mock-ups... to see where they will be placed...
The next post will hopefully be the finished "ScareCrow"

****** UPDATE (Part4.5, if you will) ******

There are a few minor details to work out, but it will be finished later on today...

Have Left:
Eyes Fixed,
some kind of Chainsaw (maybe), and
hat (maybe)

There you go, an almost finished puppet, and i typed this all out w/one hand

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