Monday, August 28, 2006

Durt: the Ninja *update*

everything is going as planned with "Durt: the Ninja"
i decided to put the two characters together... with a removable ninja mask... i'm working on halloween costumes formy kids right now, so he's been delayed a bit... That and my idea for the grim reaper puppet that's going to handout candy this year at my house...
*end update*

and i had a cookie too.. (literaly; my wife, kids, and i made cookies today too)...

All i needed was a push in the right direction. Thanks Project Puppet and Puppet 101 for the Ratchet Tutorial...

His story is a little more complicated... He is mysterious, and the brother of the character B.U.D. (See Here)... i wouldn't repeat the same eye color/scheme if he wasn't... i'm leaving it at that right now... Just a picture... and only... a picture...

Friday, August 25, 2006


Name: B.U.D.

Accessories: 2 visible head scars, Human arm, possible piercings and tattoos

Likes: The Internet (it's for PORN), building certain things but tearing down most of 'em, horror movies, games, music, and photography...

DisLikes: Other people, certain internet forums and chat rooms, opening weekends at the movies

Ok, enough of that for now... all he needs is his goatee and he is done...

Oh, and behind B.U.D. is Dirrty Sanch** (you get the rest...) His story is a special request from a guy i worked with... i don't work there now so i don't know how he is going to get him...

Anyway... This is the third big puppet i have done... every time i finish one, more ideas spew forth from my brain..

Here B.U.D. is chilling with a retarded fish (dot net)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Meet HayGood, The ScareCrow

Here he is... Dum, Dum,Dummmmmmm

The ScareCrow

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Scarecrow Pt. 4

While i'm putting the finishing touches on my scarecrow puppet... Here is a recent picture
the head is fleeced black to cover the yellow of the foam i used (see hands). Since i'm covering the head with a burlap material, i chose a black fleece... andanother note; those are not the eyes i will be using... i'm thinking them as mock-ups... to see where they will be placed...
The next post will hopefully be the finished "ScareCrow"

****** UPDATE (Part4.5, if you will) ******

There are a few minor details to work out, but it will be finished later on today...

Have Left:
Eyes Fixed,
some kind of Chainsaw (maybe), and
hat (maybe)

There you go, an almost finished puppet, and i typed this all out w/one hand

The Scarecrow Pt. 3

just an update on the scarecrow... last weekend i did the hands, and chose the base fabric for the body... now i have to get around to fleecing and burlapping the head... possible fleecing the hands... the eyes, i think, are temporary for now... they are pinned just to see where the eyes are going...
it's getting there... i think this is going to be a good hobby for me... i'm really enjoying the creation of puppets... i like to see my kids eyes light up when they see them

The Scarecrow Pt. 2

This is as interesting a project as i thought it would... The excitement of having and working my own puppet, amazes me... it takes me back to the days when i was sat in front of Sesame Street... Wondering then, i want one; now, having built my own... Here is what i have sofar...

Just kidding.. i was playing around with putting another head growing out of his, but i have other plans for the mini-head... this is the actual progressi'm sure the next step will be the completed body... i will save the head decoration for last

But first, here is an idea of what is going on...

This is what part of my cosume at our local haunted house years ago... after awhile, i almost prided myself on this scarecrow mask and how many i scared with it... This first puppet of mine is a tribute to that character.........

Until next time

The Scarecrow Pt. 1

The Scarecrow: From Start to Finish
a multiple part, How-I-Did-It, Puppet

This is The First Part (duh)
igot this idea af... well, before i bought the puppet stuff from project puppet... Here is a pinned up idea of what i got... Besides drawings, i need to actually see the formation of the head...

Getting somewhere... Now i have to glue it, do the foam core, and whatnot... and post up next time i have time... i really want to take my time with this one, especially being my first...