Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well, i guess i've really slowed down

Hey again all,

Yeah, i know... i've slowed WAY down since i've been at the job i've been on since last NOV... i haven't been able to post much, but i did finish a couple other puppet designs
Here they areThat is the completed Durt puppet, Dressed like "Link"
And an opposite design of the previous post.

i changed the hands of B.U.D. also
That is all for now,

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Back into the swing of things... i hope

Hello all...
First of all, i would like to apologize about the lack of anything going on here lately... i've been really busy with my family and full time job; i have had literally no time to do any puppets... but i recently refined a few ideas and put them on paper, so here ya go:First is chip, then V, and finally 3D (He knows who this is)... i've already started the build of Chip and V this morning... oh, and i edited out a lot of things i didn't want anyone to see yet... i want you to be surprised when it's done...

Back to the build,

Saturday, March 03, 2007

4 news items for today

Hello everybody,
it's been almost a month or 2 since my last post so here's the big one(s):

PVC Puppet Stand
ok, that is the first bit of news... and now...

2) Durt is coming along; slowly, but surely... i have to do the facial hair still... oh, and i have no need for a ninja anymore, she is not a ninja... Sorry, ninja fans

3)i have a computer based puppet i'm still working the bugs out of... the case was mentioned on the rubber room page earlier... That is where he lives. more on that as he develops.

4)Haygood is in a Chili Cook-off today for the Lupus foundation... He and i are entering what is called "Turkey Chili" for short... if all goes well, it'll become
"The ScareCrow's Famous Turkey Chili"
alright now... We have to get ready for the Chili Cook-off... i'll post up later with news on the cook off....

Later on,