Friday, August 25, 2006


Name: B.U.D.

Accessories: 2 visible head scars, Human arm, possible piercings and tattoos

Likes: The Internet (it's for PORN), building certain things but tearing down most of 'em, horror movies, games, music, and photography...

DisLikes: Other people, certain internet forums and chat rooms, opening weekends at the movies

Ok, enough of that for now... all he needs is his goatee and he is done...

Oh, and behind B.U.D. is Dirrty Sanch** (you get the rest...) His story is a special request from a guy i worked with... i don't work there now so i don't know how he is going to get him...

Anyway... This is the third big puppet i have done... every time i finish one, more ideas spew forth from my brain..

Here B.U.D. is chilling with a retarded fish (dot net)

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