Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ditched the original polly design; made new and The Grim Reaper

Meet the New Polly design... what you can't see here are her (white ping pong) pink eyes... she was playing bashful with my daughter's hat... Polly's twin brother, Billy, is around somewhere... once i can get a good picture of him, i'll post it... (he's a quick one)

next up another project i'm immersing myself in... hoping it's done before Halloween...
no wait...
will be done by Halloween
the Grim ReaperHe's still in production... all the pins are gone and he awaits fleece; or another material (i havent been able to check out fabrics much)... Because of all the shapes, curves, and whatnot... i wasn't going to try and produce a sewing type pattern for the specs of his old noggin... just gonna drape some fleece, cut, sew, repeat... i'll have more updates as i go along

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