Friday, September 29, 2006

Behind *sorta*

Yeah, so....
i'm working a job 70 miles from my house and it takes me forever to get home... i leave work at 3:30 and don't get home til 6:00... and it's kinda taking a toll on my puppet building right now... That and i just basically wasted almost a yard or 2 of fabric designing a robe for My Grim Reaper puppet... it ended up too small... and the hood doesn't fit right... the body is done...
trial and error i guess... or is it... all i really have to do is make a few extra peices and fit 'em all together so it looks like part of the costume...
Anyway, there isn't much else i can do at this moment... Just... Take it slow

I still have many ideas and they will be brought to life... Just slower than i thought
Later on Guys,

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